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On that coldest winter day, He flew to her delicate branch, A lost little bird, cold and trembling, Looking for somewhere to
People who have succeeded in their lives have something in common. All of them were able to adapt
It was on a Saturday evening that I landed at the Heathrow airport from Trivandrum. Tired from the jetlag,
A 31-year-old man set himself on fire today as he was troubled by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's health
Chief minister of Tamil Nadu, leader to many Tamils and 'Amma' to millions, J Jayalalithaa died on Monday after
Tension gripped Chennai after Apollo Hospitals announced on Monday that Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa was 'very
Tamil Nadu chief minister J Jayalalithaa, who has been undergoing treatment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai since September
Some things, while small, must not be underestimated. Such a thing is EUREKA: THE NATIONAL CHILDREN’S MUSEUM. This hidden
Tyson Gay's daughter shot dead: 15 year-old Trinity killed by 4am shootout crossfire at restaurant Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay's daughter
His Excellency, Mar Joseph Srampickal, is due to be ordinated as the very first bishop of the Great Britain
Duke of Edinburgh: Bronze; Ever wonder what that is? Let me tell you since I’ve experienced it first hand-
The “ettunombu” Feast day of the Virgin Mary was celebrated on Sunday at St. Wilfrid’s church, Leeds. The feast
India is powerful Never gives up Does everything to make its people happy Every day is different Prayers are answered Everyone is protected Never dies
Whenever, I think of the presence of the Kerala Catholics in the U. K, verses from the book of
Ella was cleaning the laundry in the house as her brother, Matt, walked in. as if by magic, Ella
Homes of many Malayalee in Keighley is seen with a distinctive yellow and green tint as they prepare and
Some students are claiming they’re just so distraught about the EU referendum result that it could impact their exams. Since
As the Holidays are arriving, I have two recommendations, within the city of Leeds, for potential trips that can
Festival of South Asia (FSA) brings in multi-disciplinary arts and artists together to show case South Asian culture. The
The church of St Anne’s, Keighley, was filled with people as the young children, who had been preparing for
Beautiful sunshine in the sky So at nighttime I don't want to say bye The sky is as beautiful as can
Little is known of Mary the mother of god. St Luke tells us about the birth of Jesus. As
A broken winged bird I am, Captured and callously caged, By the implacable earthlings Robbed off my free existence
Dr. Sudin Daniel, Keighley About 452 years ago, Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire witnessed the birth of the man
tower of babel
Diya Joji,               Everyone on earth spoke the same language. As people migrated from
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Aarya Rose Shibu       What if I lived on the moon? Will I meet creatures that sounded
An overnight McDonald’s worker from Australia explains what it’s really like to work the graveyard shift at the fast-food
Thousands of jobs are at risk after it emerged Tata Steel plans to ‘sell its entire UK operation’. Crunch
Allen Shibu, Keighley All throughout England, many polish, Slovakian and Ukrainian communities congregated to celebrate one of the most
Canon Michael McReadie, Mary Magdalene believed that she had lost everything when Jesus died. John’s Gospel tells us that,
Allen Shibu, Keighley The solemn feast of Maundy Thursday or, as it is commonly known, holy Thursday, was celebrated
Jesus Love
Liya Theresa Binoy, Scunthorpe Jesus was born in a town called Bethlehem, near Jerusalem. That is where he was
Allen Shibu, Keighley The parish of St. Annes in Keighley held up palms today, as they celebrated the holy
jesus-donkey (1)
Fr. Rogi Narithookkil University of Dundee, Scotland My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: The passion, death and resurrection
Allen Shibu, Keighey There was a commotion in the Keighley area today as a huge amount of people started
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  Liya Theresa Binoy  Year 4, Scunthorpe.   Mother’s day, Is very special. It’s the day, Always mentionable. A
Rosa Shibu, Keighley In the morning we began with the register. Then we did maths, which was mostly counting.
Allen Shibu, Keighley: Police are investigating claims that a schoolboy was attacked in Keighley, West Yorkshire, while he played
You, my beloved rose blossom, Ever so flawless, pristine red, When my eyes rest on you, Everything else becomes a blur
Allen Shibu, Keighley A patient, who was left brain dead following a careless drugs trial in France, has died.
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orkshire was found with a light blanket of white as the long awaited snowfall finally began today in the
chapel royal
Allen Shibu, Keighley History will be made on Tuesday as a catholic service is being held for the first
Canon Michael MCcreadie,  St. Annes Church Keighley, England The making of a journey is an important theme throughout the Bible.
Allen Shibu, Keighley Cardinal Nichols offered his gratitude to the metropolitan police carol service in Westminster abbey on 15th
Ann Maria Joji Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santy, or simply Santa is a
Allen Shibu, Keighley Images from a NASA satellite shows an enormous storm that is inbound for Britain. The storm
Allen Shibu, Keighley Lazlo Marada, a humble resident of Keighley, West Yorkshire, spent £2614 (an estimated two and a half
Allen Shibu, Keighley Tomorrow, on the 27th of November, all shoppers go in a frenzy as they prepare for
Allen Shibu, Keighley Members of the different communities, including the Indian community, in Keighley united on Monday 16th November following
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