Since the Brexit was announced last week, there has been outrage, protests and emotional social media posts a plenty.But some students claim the UK’s decision to leave the EU has left them in a ‘depression’, adding that they feel like they’re ‘grieving for the loss of cultural enrichment’ that the European Union provided.

‘I’ve felt so down all day because of this, and just have this constant sick feeling in my stomach. I genuinely feel like I’m grieving.

‘I feel like I’m grieving for our growing economy. I’m grieving for our loss of cultural enrichment. If we weren’t a part of the EU I’d never have met people from the likes France, Norway, Germany, who have so much to offer to our country. We have so much to gain from these cultures,’ one person posted on The Student Room.

‘Can I class Brexit as a traumatic event when fail my exams next week? Because honestly I’m so distracted now because of it?’ another chipped in.One person replied: ‘I relate. I somehow survived an exam while still panicking the whole way through.’

Approximately 75% of young people who had their say in the referendum voted to remain in the EU.

These findings made them the most pro-EU age group, though only a third of young people actually voted.